Frequently asked questions

Is Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector safe?

The product is safe for all skin types. If skin irritation or sensitization occurs after applying Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector, then stop using and consult your physician if the symptoms persist for more than 48h.

How long will it take for Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector to take effect?

Usually results will appear a few minutes from application, but it can take longer in some cases. It is important to apply the cream as recommended to ensure you achieve maximum results as soon as possible.

How long will the effect of Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector last?

Everyone’s body chemistry is different so Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector may react differently from one user to another.  However, with makeup on, the effects will last anywhere from 8-10 hours on average. Without makeup, the effects can last longer.

How often can Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector be used?

Use only once a day.
To ensure optimal performance and to avoid dependence on the product, it is advised to allow the skin to rest a few days (4-5) after using the product daily for 4 weeks. In case of occasional use of the product there is no need for a resting period.

How much product should be applied?

As it is a highly concentrated formula with active ingredients, you should aim for the size of a grain of rice for a small area and 2 grains of rice if the area is larger. Any less will not be enough, and any more is generally too much and won’t fully absorb into the skin or could cause sensitivity.. This is one of the key factors to make Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector work correctly.

Can I go in the sun?

Yes but avoid excessive sun exposure. In case of intensive sun exposure it’s recommended to combine Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector with sun protection products which contain no alcohol.

Can makeup still be used?

If you want to wear makeup, first apply your usual products (eye serum, daily moisturizer, etc.) and allow enough time for these products to penetrate the layers of your skin (a minute or two). Then you can apply your makeup as usual. After you have applied your makeup you can apply a very thin layer of Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector. Oil-based makeup may also reduce the effectiveness of the product.

Can the product be used when you have sensitive eyes / contact lenses?

Yes, but use the product in accordance with the instructions for use and avoid contact with the eyes. Rinse thoroughly with water in the event of contact with the eyes.

How do I remove the product?

Cleanse applied area with water and pat dry.

Are there any toxic ingredients in the formula?

Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector is non-toxic and is formulated with naturally derived ingredients.

Are there any side effects?

If too much cream is applied irritations can appear, if so discontinue the use.

Can the product be used during pregnancy and/ or breastfeeding?

Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Has the product been tested on animals?

Remescar Instant Wrinkle Corrector has not been tested on animals.

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